The Upside of Maybe is a six piece Canadian roots-rock band that seeks to make and deliver creative, fun, and enjoyable experiences through music. Individually the members have toured throughout the world supporting a variety of acts while producing over 30 different full length recordings between them.

"Right now we're just focused on making great music and delivering great experiences in our live shows", says lead vocalist Michael Bannerman. "Each of us have had great achievements in the past but we're excited to be constantly moving forward with our music and perspectives. Society changes. People change. We've changed."

The band has recently released its first full-length project titled "Midway Midway" produced with Glen Teeple which has begun to generate radio play across Canada and the United States in a variety of commercial formats. This is a follow-up project to the band's EP "The Shade" produced with Andrew Horrocks which has received great feedback across North America.